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Tuning the machine

For great plans to work, as well as needing buy in from key influencers within the organisation, they need the right resources - human, physical and financial. We are all creatures of habit and everyone gets into a way of working that suits them….. but they may not be spending 80% of their time focusing on the right things that deliver results for the business.

It’s no good if there are one or two time management super heroes in the business. For the business to run as effectively as it can, everyone needs good time management habits.

There are so many elements to tuning the machine ranging from improving communication about strategic plans to workforce planning to reviewing systems to cash flow and because I’m not surrounded by the things that go on in your business every working day a fresh pair of eyes will see things you may have missed or you may not be aware of.

Some clients have got growth plans and all the planning in place but just want me to look at aspects of how they work. Others want me involved at every stage of building a better business. 

I’m happy to meet for a coffee to explore where you may need help and how I can help.