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Preparing for growth

Most businesses can’t keep doing more of the same and expect to keep growing, but adapting to stay ahead isn’t easy, or in the words of Charles Darwin “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”

Having a good business plan to follow isn’t a new concept, it sounds simple, but in my experience it’s not easy to find the time, energy and motivation to disentangle ones-self from the daily demands of running your business and focus on developing or updating your plan. I have many years of experience which my clients draw upon. It comes from working as part of a lean but effective management team where I had to prioritise juggling the day to day workload alongside achieving strategic responsibilities or I’d have to face the embarrassment at the weekly executive meeting caused by CEO saying “another week has slipped by and X is no further forwards.” 

No two business owners/directors and no two businesses are the same so how I work with clients may cover:

​I've noticed that one thing successful people have in common is they know what they’re not good at, or what’s wasting their time, and pass it to someone else.  

Your needs may be different, but if you want to explore them further let’s have a chat over a coffee.