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Implementation, monitoring and review

I’ve found that the most important part of implementing a plan is the planning and communication of the implementation itself. 

The process of writing a plan which includes a pre-mortem, to ascertain what could go wrong and how it can be sorted if it does, means the implementation doesn’t go off half cocked. Sometimes the simplest things get overlooked but their impact is huge. Remember the opening of Heathrow Terminal 5 and the furore over baggage handling chaos during the first few days? It was caused by a software problem and staff issues which they described as a lack of training.  One area of training that was lacking was familiarisation with the site so baggage handlers were getting lost.

The planning stage will include agreeing key performance measures (KPIs), the time periods over which these are measured, how and by whom these are reviewed and at what point a dramatic re-think is necessary. Many people define what success looks like but don’t define what failure looks like so they can find themselves using all sorts of excuses to keep  trying, which in the worst cases can cause the entire business to fail.

If there isn’t a robust plan for implementation, monitoring and review all the hard work of getting the business ready to grow can go badly wrong.

If you think you may need help in every stage of the growth process or with specific parts let’s discuss over a coffee. Sometimes verbalising the challenges you face will help define what you need.