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It’s that point in the week when I look back at what I’ve achieved, what hasn’t gone to plan, how I might change that and what my priorities are for next week.

New week, new business opportunity

The week got off to a good start with a new business meeting in Brighton. I felt well prepared with a good agenda and supporting material I’d prepared using Curio - a really clever piece of software from Zengobi - which combines note taking, mind mapping, brainstorming and project task management all in one. The decision is being make next week and because feedback has been very positive I’m feeling buoyant.

Getting out of my comfort zone

I’m researching a marketing idea through a number of face to face meetings and people are liking my ideas. The marketing idea was suggested by my mentor and doing it is a step out of my comfort zone. I’ve set the project up in Basecamp (cloud-based project management system) and my mentor has access so he know’s if I’m not getting on with it.  He hasn’t said anything if I’ve missed a self-imposed deadline but his e-mails praising what I have done have given me the motivation and confidence to get around to making a couple of cold calls asking for favours. And guess what - I’m still alive and haven’t been harmed by the experience! Plus I’ve got times in the diary to meet them.

Give before you take

Twice this week I’ve initiated introductions to people in my network and in the follow up after another new business meeting yesterday I’ve recommended two companies who may be able to add value to a project this potential client is looking at. Whilst none of the introductions will add anything directly to my revenues it continues to grow my social capital.

My highlight

The highlight of my week was seeing the press coverage I initiated in the Chichester Observer for my mentee Lucas Mitchell who has just got a Government-funded start up loan.  The opportunity to apply for the loan was a direct result of a networking conversation. 

I give my time free as a mentor for Mentor-net who are partners with Start Up Loans - the organisation managing £100m of Government funding to help 18-30 year olds start a business.  At a recent Chichester Chamber of Commerce breakfast I was sitting next to business manager from a high street bank. Sadly she has to remain anonymous because the moment will be lost if we get this blog approved. When telling her about this Government funding her eyes lit up as she had a young client who needed money for his business but with no trading history or credit rating the bank couldn’t lend to him. She passed the Mentor-net details onto him and shortly I was working with Lucas to get his business plan ready for submission.

Last week we heard Lucas’s plan had been accepted so I drafted a press release and yesterday it was published with a super picture of him and his jewellery which goes by the brand name Lucas Alexander (www.lucasalexanderjewellery.com)

Next week

My priorities are written down and time allocated in the diary.  The organisation for the breakfast I'm hosting on Friday is nearly complete and my head is buzzing with ideas for a proposal I'm writing on Monday morning. There will be calls and the diary will change but at least  I know what's moveable, whats imoveable and the goals I'm aiming for.  As for the near misses this week - there are some, I'm learning from them, but not sharing them ..... yet.  

Enjoy your weekend


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